What is Terrafeet?

Terrafeet is an exfoliator made of natural clay, specifically designed to take care of your feet, hands, elbows or any place where you can´t seem to get rid of that nasty, hard skin. Terrafeet is a handmade product made from a special clay which helps you to exfoliate your skin naturally due to the porous properties of the oven-cooked clay.

How do I use it?

Simply massage the product over moist skin and voila! You will be able to eliminate any calluses or rough skin without the use of chemicals!

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The clay

This natural material has been in use since ancient times due to its texture, durability and the lovely fresh feeling it gives when rubbed on moist skin. To make our little Terrafeet, we cooked our clay at 1050*C for a period of nearly 24 hours! Those which are painted, or have a special design, are then cooked again for a further 18 hours in order to obtain the unique and long lasting stone piece. It´s very hard work, but this way we can ensure that your little Terrafeet are not worn out with the use and so can continue to give your skin that relaxing and refreshing sensation, no matter when.

It’s shape

We have designed our little TERRAFEET to be round like your hand so that the pressure you apply is uniform and efficient. Similarly, its texture means it won´t slip out of your hand when soaked and also does not harm any of your healthy skin!

It’s use

In order to obtain the most efficient results, we recommend that you use TERRAFEET as part of your daily shower/bath routine to smooth your hands and feet. Use it to remove those nasty calluses, rough areas or dry skin.

For whom?

Able to use on all types of skin.

TERRAFEET is a natural product with no chemicals.

Our only ingredient is the best quality clay, hand-cooked in Spain, just like they did 4000 years ago. The clay in our Terrafeet is a secret gift which has been passed down throughout the centuries and is specially for those who appreciate a product made with quality and care.

TERRAFEET can be used as a new amenity for your hotel.

A promotional gift for your firm, a guest present in weddings or even just as an indulgence. It can be offered as a product from spas and luxury hotels to cruisers, wellness centres and gyms.

Please don´t hesitate to contact us with any queries.

TERRAFEET can be a low cost product, even with small orders.
Please, ask for free estimate.


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